Ukrainian-German Colloquium: Historiography in times of War and Exile

Feb 02
2. February 2023 16:00 - 18:00


* 27 October 2022 Kateryna Kobchenko (Münster): Exile, nationalism, and the Cold War: Theories and practices of the (trans)national iberation movement of the Ukrainian emigrants (1945-1991)

* 3 November 2022 Svitlana Nyzhnikova (Kharkiv/Leipzig): Impossible to speak about? Life stories and perspectives of Ukrainian war refugees in Germany
Commentator: Olha Marmilova (Donetsk/Munich)

* 17 November 2022 Vadym Zolotar’ev / Marc Junge (Kharkiv/Erlangen): Extralegal repression of cannibalism in Soviet Ukraine in 1933

* 7 December 2022 Panel discussion: Decolonization as a political reality and as a research paradigm
with Denis Zhuravlev (Kharkiv), Botakoz Kassymbekova (Basel), Oleksandr Polianichev (Stockholm) and Moritz Florin (Erlangen)
Moderation: Julia Obertreis (Erlangen)

* 15 December 2022 Pavlo Yeremieiev (Kharkiv): Religion and the construction of images of the Ukrainian lands by historians of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 19th century

* 12 January 2023 Liudmyla Posokhova (Kharkiv): In search of “Ukrainian Enlightenment”: Reconstruction of intellectual grids in the second half of the 18th – early 19th centuries
Commentator: Jan Kusber (Mainz)

* 26 January 2023 Anastasiia Khovtura / Roman Lyubavskyi (Kharkiv): On Kharkiv urban and infrastructure history, late 19th century to post-1945

* 2 February 2023 Yevhen Rachkov (Kharkiv/Chernivtsi) / Sergiy Posokhov (Kharkiv): City and War. Destruction, preservation and rethinking of the urban cultural heritage of large cities in eastern and southern Ukraine during Russia’s military aggression.

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