Young researchers

Promotion of young researchers

Targeted support of young talents is a central task for the Friedrich Alexander University as a strong research university. FAU is particularly interested in the qualification of the next generation of researchers at the highest level.

At the faculty, the academic degree of a doctor of philosophy (Dr. phil.) and doctor of theology (Dr. theol.) can be acquired. The details are regulated in the respective regulations for doctoral theses and the general guidelines of the faculty.

Graduate School of the Faculty

With its Graduate School, the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology offers an umbrella for numerous doctoral programmes, doctoral colleges and graduate colleges, which are located at the faculty. If you are interested in a structured doctoral programme, please contact the spokesperson of the specific programme. The Graduate School does not award any scholarships, but the research officers of the faculty actively support doctoral students in applying for scholarships. For a short synopsis of each programme, please check the information at FAU Graduate Centre.

The structured doctoral programmes of the faculty are open to anybody interested in doing its doctoral degree within its framework.

At the faculty the academic degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) and Doctor of Theology (Dr. theol.) are awarded. Besides the “classical” individual promotion a range of doctoral programmes is offered.

At the start of your doctorate, the research office of the faculty informs about funding possibilities and the structured doctoral programmes of the faculty. The FAU Graduate Centre provides information on doctoral studies at FAU on a general level, regardless of your concrete research field or subject. General information about the research career in Germany can be found on the project homepage of KISSWIN.

Current scholarships in the humanities and social sciences for doctoral students and graduates:

Travel allowance for the purpose of conference visits and publication in the humanities and social sciences for doctoral students:

The office of doctoral affairs is responsible for the administrative execution of the doctorates for Dr. theol. and Dr. phil. at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology (see Promotionsordnung).

All decisions in individual doctoral procedures are handled by the responsible doctoral examinations board. There are separate doctoral examinations boards for Dr. phil. and for Dr. theol. (commissions).

Current scholarships for postdocs in the humanities and social sciences:

Current tenders of science awards for postdocs in the humanities and social sciences:

Current vacancies for postdocs at FAU can be found on UnivIS.

In addition to the application to a vacant post at FAU, postdocs can apply at the German Research Foundation (DFG) for individual funding of a project (research grant), for funding of their own position or for the installation of an Emmy Noether independent junior research group, and to move to FAU with the applied third-party funding project. Please do not hesitate to contact the faculty’s research representative to arrange a consultation appointment.

If you are planning a research project with an international perspective, the various EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions offer a wide range of opportunities. Also have a look at further funding opportunities in the section of international affairs.

The FAU Welcome Centre supports international postdocs with all organizational questions before their entry and during their stay in Erlangen and / or Nuremberg. The international office of the Faculty is there to help, as well. In addition, the FAU dual career service helps the partners of international postdocs in their professional orientation.


The “Professional Third-Party Funding” ProFund programme was developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Law and Economics. It is designed for young researchers in the humanities, economics and social sciences and carried out in cooperation with the Graduate Centre of FAU. You can register for the individual seminars via the Graduate Centre and apply for the certificate after successful participation.


Publication Seminar

This non-credit seminar aimed at (advanced) graduate students and junior scholars has as its ultimate goal the submission of an academic essay for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal or similar publication forum. Participants should have a piece of critical writing in an advanced stage by the beginning of the semester and be willing to work with their peer group in an open and collegial atmosphere during the three (to four) meetings. We will concentrate on structural issues, forms of presentation, conventions used in academic writing, and stylistic aspects. With completion of the Publication Seminar, participants should have an academic essay that is ready for submission.
The seminar will meet three times during the 2018 summer term (19 April; 7 June; 5 July; 2-5 pm). Participants will pre-circulate versions of their essays (5000-7000 words) to all participants one week prior to meetings; and they will share in discussing all drafts.

Call for application (closed)