The faculty board represents the management of the faculty and comprises the dean, the elected department spokespersons, the vice deans and the vice deans for academic affairs.


department of classical world and asian cultures

department of english, american and romance studies

department of didactics

department of german and comparative studies

department history

department of media studies and art history

department of education

department psychology

department of social sciences and philosophy

School of Theology

Department of Islamic Religious Studies

department sport science and sport

The faculty council is the decision-making body of the faculty. The voting members are the Dean, the Vice Deans, the Women’s Representative of the Faculty and the elected representatives of the professors, the scientific and other staff and the students.

Vertreter der Hochschullehrer und Hochschullehrerinnen

Vertreter der wissenschftl. und künstlerischen Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen

Vertreter der Studierenden

Frauenbeauftragte der Fakultät



The commission is addressee for study-overarching questions about teaching and studying. It is responsible for securing and improving the quality of teaching and studying at the Faculty. For this purpose, it makes recommendations for the further development of quality structures at the level of the faculty and the degree programmes.

The doctoral committees (Dr. phil and Dr. theol.) are responsible for admission to doctoral studies, in cases not regulated by the doctoral degree regulations (General Doctoral Regulations, Dr. phil., Dr. theol.). They ensure compliance with the doctoral degree regulations. They are responsible for the process of reviewing the dissertations by the examining boards. The members are elected by the Faculty Council for a term of three years.

Vorsitzende/r des Promotionsausschusses Dr. phil.


Vorsitzende/r des Promotionsausschusses Dr. theol.

The Examination Board is responsible for questions of admission to the examination that are not regulated by the study and examination regulations.



The Examination Board is responsible for questions of admission to the examination that are not regulated by the study and examination regulations.



Studentische Vertreter

in beratender Funktion

Dpt Alte Welt und Asiatische Kulturen

Dpt. Anglistik / Amerikanistik und Romanistik

Dpt. Fachdidaktiken

Dpt. Germanistik und Komparatistik

Dpt. Geschichte

Dpt. Medienwissenschaften und Kunstgeschichte

Dpt. Pädagogik

Dpt. Psychologie

Dpt. Sozialwissenschaften und Philosophie

FB Theologie

Dpt. Islamisch-Religiöse Studien

Dpt. Sportwissenschaft und Sport

Ziel der Vergabekommission ist es, die begutachtete Drittmittelforschung an der Fakultät zu fördern. Hierzu soll hauptsächlich die Frühphase der Projektentwicklung durch eine Anschubfinanzierung unterstützt werden. Die Anschubfinanzierung dient insbesondere auch der Förderung des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses.

TB 01 Theologie

TB 04 Pädagogik, Philosophie und Psychologie

TB 05 Politische Wissenschaft, Soziologie und Wirtschaftswissenschaft

TB 06 Geschichte, Alte Sprachen und Kunst

TB 07 Neuere Sprachen, Theater- und Medienwissenschaften

TB 15 Erziehungswissenschaften (Nbg)

TB 98 Sportwissenschaften und Sport

VertreterIn der Studierenden