Outgoing students

Your stay abroad

Many students use the opportunity to combine their studies or their doctorate with a stay abroad. Leaving the university and its own living environment and gaining experience abroad for a limited time has become a matter of course for many students. A stay abroad encourages the ability to embrace other cultures and improve one’s own language skills. It shapes the personality and increases the career opportunities in science and on the labor market.

During your studies, there is a wide range of opportunities to stay abroad. You can organize your stay abroad according to your own taste, when you finance it yourself. But you can also apply for a scholarship. With scholarship you have the following possibilities:

Study abroad

You can study abroad for one or two semesters at a partner university. The Erasmus+ programme supports your stay at a European partner university. Studying outside Europe can be funded through Promos.

Recognition of your learning achievements

In principle, your learning achievements at a foreign university can be recognized by prior arrangement with the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. Find information in the download centre.

Internship abroad

You can go abroad for an internship or combine it with a study phase abroad. We will be pleased to advise you.

Teaching assistance abroad

As a student teacher you have the possibility to go abroad as a teaching assistant. An Erasmus+ teaching assistance lasts at least two months, and a teaching assistance via Promos at universities or schools outside Europe is possible for at least six weeks. PAD also offers funding for teacher assistents, which usually last six months or more, depending on the country of your choice. We are happy to advise you on the organizational and financial possibilities.

Contact person

Kerstin Maurer, MA

DAAD awards scholarships for doctoral students who want to go abroad. If you choose an Eastern European country for your research stay, BayHOST offers mobility grants. The scholarships of the Minerva Foundation are available for research projects in Israel, and the institutes of the Max Weber Foundation also offer scholarship programmes.

Contact person Erasmus+ and FAU partnership programme

Kerstin Maurer, MA

Contact person external funding organizations

Dr. Ruth Maloszek

International Campus

There are plenty of opportunities for you as a student of FAU to engage for an international campus, by offering your help as a buddy or tutor for newcomers, by just keeping in contact via the International Afternoon of the Faculty, or by realizing your own ideas how to strengthen the international campus. Starting from winter term 2017/18, you can achieve a Certificate Intercultural Competence for engaging internationally.

As a buddy, you support international newcomers in the first days and weeks of their studies and life at FAU. You get into contact with your newcomer even before he or she arrives in Germany, as this is the time when most questions occur. You maybe meet your buddy-newcomer when arriving in Erlangen/Nürnberg and you help him/her with the first steps to go after arrival. And maybe you gain a friend for a longer period of time.

Contact the International Office of the Faculty, when you wish to engage as a buddy. We organize the match making for you and support you in all questions that might occur.

Application form

Join the facebook group, where you can communicate in German or English: “Buddyprogramm der Philosophischen Fakultät der FAU

Contact person

Dr. Ruth Maloszek

International afternoons take place regularly during the semester. As an international student, you meet German students, as an outgoing you meet students who have previously studied abroad or are planning to do so. You may bring along a snack of your culture/country and a musical instrument – or just yourself.

Next international afternoons in 2017/18 are scheduled:

  • Thursday 19 October
  • Tuesday 7 November
  • Thursday 30 November
  • Wednesday 13 December
  • Wednesday 10 January

at 5-7 pm at the study service center of the faculty, Bismarckstr. 1, foyer A-tower, Erlangen.


The students organisations oft he protestant and the catholic churches in Erlangen and Nürnberg regularely organise regional events, an international breakfast, and excursions for the students of FAU. These events are genuinely international, even if they are in German, and there is no need to be protestant or catholic yourself in order to take part.


Excursions are offered by FAU Volunteers for Internationals, as well.

FVI – FAU Volunteers for Internationals

This certificate is for all students, who choose to have activities along the four components intercultural communication (training course), involvement into buddy programme, tutorials or other form of engagement for international students at FAU, stay abroad, and language course. In order to successfully complete the requirements of the certificate, you have to acquire 20 ECTS in three/four components.

Certificate Intercultural Competence for Students