Studium Philosophicum

You want to study, but the range of possible subjects is too wide to decide? For all those who are interested in different subjects, the new ‘Studium Philosophicum’ is the perfect choice. Starting from winter term 2021/22 the module-based study option allows students to get to know various subjects from the broad range of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Studies, and Theology for one term (an extension for a further term is possible). Students can attend classes from almost any subject, and any exams taken can be credited for a subsequent Bachelor’s degree programme or teaching degree programme.

FYI: Classes at a university are set up in the form of modules. As a student of the ‘Studium Philosophicum’ you attend classes, but are not enrolled in one particular subject, that is why it is a so called module-based study option (‘Modulstudien’ in German) and not a degree programme.

It is possible to start at the beginning of winter and summer term.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student-Service-Center.

In the Studium Philosophicum you can choose from these modules (summary in German only):


Any subject with open admission, that means that in general enrolment is possible without previous application. You can choose from almost 30 Bachelor’s degree programmes except Psychology, Japanese studies, Cultural Geography and English and American Studies. There just happens to be something for everyone!

Have a look at the list of degree programmes at the Faculty (in German):

There are several reasons that speak for the Studium Philosophicum: No matter whether you have (too) many interests and cannot decide from the wide range of subjects yet, or you just want to have a smooth transition and an easy start at the university.

It is an opportunity to use this kind of orientation programme to become familiar with the subjects the Faculty offers and the academic world in general. Maybe you find a subject or even the right combination of two subjects you like and will just stick with it – or you look for a new challenge, after all, that is the purpose of an orientation programme.

If you spent some time working or abroad, you can enrol in summer term. That is a fantastic possibility, because most Bachelor’s degree programmes start in winter semester and so you bridge the period to the next term and are even able to gain first credits.

It is possible to acquire ECTS credits, and it is also possible to have these credited for a subsequent Bachelor’s degree programme or teaching degree programme. It is up to you, if and in how many of your classes you want to gain credits. In the module description you can read about what you have to do to complete a course, for example passing an exam, give a presentation or something similar. Depending on the module, you can decide during or at the end of the term if you want to obtain credits.

However, as mentioned before, there is no pressure and you enrol in the Studium Philosophicum just to get to know various subjects and life at university.

According to the Bavarian Higher Education Act (‘Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz, Art. 42, Abs. 2 BayHSchG) students of a module-based study do have ‘formal’ student status. Therefore, you are entitled to receive child benefit until the age of 25, for example.

However, you are not entitled to receive BAFöG (a kind of German student grants). This is an advantage in case you want to change your subject, because in the context of the BAFöG regulations only one change is permitted.