Incoming students

Here you find information on how the faculty  of  Humanities,  Social  Sciences,  and  Theology supports you during your studies in Erlangen and/or Nürnberg. Find information on what support we offer and what steps to undertake, when you come to visit the faculty either as a regular or as an exchange student.

In order to get admission to one of our degree programmes, you normally need

For more details, please take a look at the degree programme of your choice. Information is generally provided in the course language(s).

We offer you the help of local students, so called buddies, who accompany you in the first days and weeks and maybe throughout your studies in Erlangen and/or Nürnberg, supporting you in your every day life and your studies. Some degree programmes offer tutorials for international students. For more information see below, support for incoming students.

If you are looking for help to finance your studies in Germany, visit the database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). There you find information on any possible scholarships. If you are a student from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia or Ukraine, you might apply for a scholarship offered by BAYHOST. As a student from Latin America you have the possibility to turn to BAYLAT for a scholarship supporting you in the final phase of your studies.

Contact persons:

Kerstin Maurer, MA (Bachelor, Teaching Degree)

Dr. Ruth Maloszek (Master, PhD)

If you come from one of our partner universities, you will receive special support. Ms. Kerstin Maurer of our International Office is there to help you.

If you want to do your doctoral degree at our Faculty, first and foremost you need to find a supervisor. Your supervisor’s written support is the basis for every further step you will take, starting from visa application to getting financial support. Next, we recommend that you register your doctoral project with docdaten. This helps the Graduate Centre of FAU to maintain contact with you and to offer you any organisational support you might need during your stay at Erlangen-Nürnberg.

We offer you the help of local student buddies to support you throughout your stay in Erlangen-Nürnberg in all questions of organizing your life and your PhD study at our Faculty. Some chairs offer tutorials for international students. For more information see below (Support for Incoming Students).

The most important steps at a glance:

1.    Find yourself a supervisor.
2.    Sen your documents via certified mail to Promotionsbüro of the Faculty.
3.    Register with docdaten.
4.    Find yourself support at FAU Welcome Centre with the organisational questions during your research at FAU.

If you are looking for help to finance your research in Germany, you can visit the database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). There you find information on all possible scholarships. If you are a student from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia or Ukraine, you might be able to use a scholarship offered by BAYHOST.

FAU’s Newcomers‘ Club welcomes you and your family. The club aims to be a starting point for joint activities, such as toddlers’ groups, sports / games / arts / literature meetings, excursions and conversation groups. Join us every second Thursday for a talk about different aspects of the region and start making plans with other participants over coffee and tea.

If you want to learn German or enhance your proficiency, have a look at the offers of FAU language centre (summary in English).

Last not least: Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Contact person

Dr. Ruth Maloszek

Support for incoming students

If you require help at the start of your studies or later, you find support:

Right before the start of the winter term lectures, an orientation week offers help for the first steps to take. Here you learn the basics about studying at FAU, you learn about the campus and the city, and you have the opportunity to meet the relevant contact people and fellow students.

The online version of this course is open 1 October to 15 December and 1 April to 15 May. In this period you can enter the course when logged in to StudOn:
Orientation course for newbies online

Flyer and programme 2019                 Presentation Welcome 2019

Contact person

Dr. Ruth Maloszek

If you wish to be in regular contact with local students and to get support from one during the first weeks and throughout your time studying in Erlangen or Nürnberg, please register and contact us via We will team you up with a suitable student to help you find your way around and meet new people.

Registration form

Some English taught master programmes offer tutorials for incoming students: English Studies, North American Studies, and Development Economics and International Studies. In regular meetings usually once a week and in a familiar atmosphere, participants have the opportunity to delve deeper into the basics of the subject and to pose any question that might occur:

  • reading of basic texts an texts of your choice
  • repetition of the most important scientific terms and methods
  • help with your language questions
  • assistance in your scientific work
  • exercise presentations

Please contact the coordinator of your master programme, when it is among those offering such tutorial.

Flyer tutorials

Contact person

Dr. Ruth Maloszek

The FAU Language Centre offers courses from Arabic to Ukrainian. If you are looking for a German course, you can chose a German language course at all possible levels of proficiency. In semester breaks, i.e. in April and in September, a three-weeks FIT course is offered on different levels. Furthermore, for DSH preparation courses are offered. Have a look at Sprachenzentrum to check registration deadlines.

If you want to learn about DSH, or if you want to know which language certificates are accepted at FAU, check the information on FAU international.

Our FAU Career Service for international students offers a range of services and seminars for FAU’s international students and doctoral candidates. Graduates can make use of this for up to a year after finishing their degree. The Service offers career advice and support with applications, seminars, workshops and individual support and advice.

At you find advertisements for placements and jobs.

FAU Career Service International

If you are looking for some more social contact or just want to meet people, try these opportunities:

International get-togethers take place regularly during the semester. As an international student, you meet German students, as an outgoing you meet students who have previously studied abroad or are planning to do so. Meetings take place in different places.

  • events for summer semester 2020 following soon

For further information, please contact:, or just come around.


The students organisations of the protestant and the catholic churches in Erlangen and Nürnberg regularely organise regional events, an international breakfast, and excursions for the students of FAU. These events are genuinely international, even if they are in German, and there is no need to be protestant or catholic yourself in order to take part.


Excursions and events are offered by FAU Volunteers for Internationals, as well.

FVI – FAU Volunteers for Internationals