The Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology houses around 50 different disciplines from the humanities, social sciences and sciences concerned with religions. It thus offers an almost unique interdisciplinary offer. Of the 24 interdisciplinary centers of FAU, 14 are located at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. In addition, there are four interdisciplinary central institutes that are disciplinary close to the faculty. The university research programme EFI promotes a number of interdisciplinary research projects involving a number of faculty scientists. Scientists of the faculty founded and coordinate the IKGF International Consortium for the Research in the Humanities, one of ten interdisciplinary research institutes funded by the Federal Government, which is broadly networked within the faculty as well as internationally.

The faculty’s degree programmes have a strong focus on the research areas of the departments. In addition to a range of disciplinary offers, there is a multitude of interdisciplinary offers. Some degree programmes offer the possibility of double degrees with partner universities abroad, some are completely taught in English.

Our scientists have a broad range of expertise, which is in regular demand by media nationwide. Furthermore, the faculty houses some of the university collections that have developed over its three hundred years history.