Book recommendation “Critical Terms in Futures Studies”

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50 essays on fundamental concepts of "futurology”

50 essays on fundamental concepts of “futurology”

Humanity has always been interested in predicting the future, it is simply tempting to know what is coming. As a young scientific discipline, Futures Studies deals with possible, probable and foreseeable developments and the effects of processes of change.

Predictions about the future can be found in every culture, and research in this field is multifaceted. The book “Critical Terms in Futures Studies”, edited by Heike Paul, provides a comprehensive collection and analysis of key terms used in current discourses in Futures Studies. The contributions come from 50 scholars from various disciplines across history, cultural studies, literary studies, sociology, media studies, Japanese studies, Sinology and philosophy – including 12 researchers from the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Theology at FAU. In addition, there are many international authors, based in the USA, England, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan and Lebanon.

The book “Critical Terms in Futures Studies” includes 12 contributors of the faculty

The contributors are not “typical” futurologists; rather, they illuminate discourses on the future from a critical distance and thus contribute to a multidisciplinary reflection on the vocabulary of futurology.

By compiling a compilation of relevant key terms, the volume attempts to promote the debate about the future in the research environment and at the same time provides the “tools” to discuss it in an appropriately complex manner.

The book was published by Palgrave Macmillan: