The popular program FAUmentoring ARIADNEphil is starting its next round in October 2024! Until 31st March 2024, female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, and habilitation candidates from the Faculty of Humanities and Theology can apply for admission to the 18-month mentoring program. The free offer is aimed at promising female early-career researchers who aspire to an academic career.

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Once again, FAU has successfully demonstrated its strength in innovation and research. In the current funding round, the University has succeeded in winning not one, but two more Humboldt professorships. One of them goes to Linguist and mathematician Prof. Dr. Michaela Mahlberg, who analyzes linguis...

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Whether its smartphones, tablets or apps, it would be difficult to imagine our daily or working lives these days without digital devices and tools. To be successful in this digital world, we need digital skills. Teaching these skills is also a task for schools. This requires well-trained teachers wh...

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