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On October 12, 2021, Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bronfen was ceremonially awarded an honorary doctorate in Philosophy. Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Rainer Trinczek presented her with the certificate and honoured the English Studies researcher’s achievements in science, science communication and of course at the Faculty of Humanities at FAU, with which she has been in close collaboration for decades.

Category: International, Research

Chinese Fengshui, ritual magic in Germany, Vodun in West Africa, or kabbalah ma´asit in Israel: practices aimed at predicting, controlling, and manipulating life events can be found almost everywhere. A research group at by FAU is now investigating and comparing these esoteric practices in a large-scale interdisciplinary project. 

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Together with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Prof. Maria Rentetzi has produced a video that takes the corona pandemic as a starting point to wonder why diplomacy is so important for global health and how the WHO became a major player in health diplomacy.

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Dr. Krisztina Kovács of the Hungarian Szeged University is spending the winter term teaching and researching at the Institut für Grundschulforschung. Her stay is being funded by the DAAD’s programme for funding foreign guest lecturers (Förderung ausländischer Gastdozenten zu Lehrtätigkeiten an deutschen Hochschulen), which Dr. Günter Renner of the institute has successfully applied for.

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Just before the first Advent rolls around, the two Christian university congregations KHG and ESG are launching their ecumenical Christmas tree campaign. From 25 November, Christmas trees decorated with colourful ‘wish cards’ will be waiting on campus in the Regensburger Straße between the seminar and auditorium buildings, as well as at other FAU locations in Nuremberg.