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Just like the previous, the upcoming summer term will be affected by the pandemic. The focus in the lecture period from 12 April to 16 July will be on online teaching. But the faculty and the individual programmes will be offering support to all students. Students who are starting a master’s prog...

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A warm welcome to Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi, the new chair for 'Science, Technology and Gender Studies' since 1 January 2021. She has been trained as physicists and as historian of science and technology. Her research focus is a highly interdisciplinary field at the intersection of science and technology studies, history of science, diplomatic history, political sciences, and international affairs.

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Dr. Krisztina Kovács of the Hungarian Szeged University is spending the winter term teaching and researching at the Institut für Grundschulforschung. Her stay is being funded by the DAAD’s programme for funding foreign guest lecturers (Förderung ausländischer Gastdozenten zu Lehrtätigkeiten an deutschen Hochschulen), which Dr. Günter Renner of the institute has successfully applied for.

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Just before the first Advent rolls around, the two Christian university congregations KHG and ESG are launching their ecumenical Christmas tree campaign. From 25 November, Christmas trees decorated with colourful ‘wish cards’ will be waiting on campus in the Regensburger Straße between the seminar and auditorium buildings, as well as at other FAU locations in Nuremberg.

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At the start of the new semester, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology would like to welcome all new colleagues and wish them a successful start! Prof. Dr. Ursula Roth is briefly introduced here as the new professor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Roth has held the Chair of Practical Theology ...

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Our winter term is digital and sooner or later you will have to hold a presentation or do group work on Zoom! So you better be prepared and Dr. Iris Wunder, the faculty’s e-learning coordinator, will help you in being so. Take part in the new event "Let’s talk Phil-Studis" on Thursday, 12 November f...

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The Global Sentimentality Project examines how the sentimental unfolds its power as an aesthetic narrative strategy, as a practice of crisis management, and as a technology of political mobilization. Our understanding of the sentimental revises the stigmatization of the term in popular parlance and extends its meaning beyond a set of literary texts. This virtual lecture series brings together scholars from around the globe in a series of talks accessible via Zoom.