Welcome to the faculty!

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In summer term 2022, the faculty bids a warm welcome to all new colleagues. To a great start into your stay at FAU!


Prof. Dr. Gabriel Zeilinger has been Chair of Regional History of Bavaria and Franconia since 1 April 2022. He arrived here from Rostock University, where the Freiburg-born researcher held the professorship for Regional Cultural History. His research interest lies in premodern economic, social, and environmental history, as well as in their connection to cultural and political history. He is especially concerned with contexts of city and nobility.

Contact and further information: https://www.geschichte.phil.fau.de/person/prof-dr-gabriel-zeilinger/


Prof. Dr. Jasmin Bastian has been Chair of Education and Digitalization in Teaching since 1 April 2022. She studied Education and Language Studies in Mainz and Tokio and received her PhD for her work on reading practices in families. Before joining FAU, she held a junior professorship in Media Education at Mainz university.



Prof. Dr. Christina Eschner also joined FAU on 1 April 2022. She is Chair of New Testament I after time spent as a researcher and private lecturer at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In her research, she combines questions related to the New Testament with other ancient history disciplines. Her main interests are related to the New Testament and the theology of Paulus as well as the interpretation of the Death of Christ in early Christianity. She also concerns herself with the relationship between ancient Judaism and emerging Christianity. She wrote her habilitation thesis on a central area of Jewish law: dietary rules in ancient Judaism and their reception in early Christianity.



Previously associate professor at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) at Aarhus Universitet in Denmark on a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Fellowship since October 2019, Prof. Dr. Sandra Eckert will be joining us as professor of Comparative Political Sciences starting from 1 August 2022. In May 2022, she was Visiting Researcher at the MaxPo Center of SciencesPo in Paris. She conducts research at the interface of comparative politics and European studies with a focus on comparative policy research. Her expertise covers topics such as energy, financial market and environmental policy.