PD Dr. Abbas Poya receives funding by Heisenberg Programme

PD Dr. Abbas Poya (photo: private)

PD Dr. Abbas Poya, head of the junior research group “Norm, Normativität und Normenwandel” at the FAU Department Islamic-Religious Studies (Department Islamisch-Religiöse Studien, DIRS) was accepted into the Heisenberg Programme of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). His previous academic work deals, among other things, with Islamic law, Islamic ethics and current issues such as tolerance, religious freedom and human rights in Islam. Within the framework of the Heisenberg Project, current Muslim discourses on the topics of “Humanist Theology”, “Rational Sharia”, “Ethics of Human Rights” and “Democratic Secular State” are being examined in particular.

PD Dr. Abbas Poya has taught at the universities of Hamburg, Freiburg and Zürich and has been heading the DIRS junior research group since 2013.

The Heisenberg Programme aims to enable outstanding researchers who meet all the requirements for appointment to a long-term professorship to prepare for an academic leadership position and to work on advanced research topics during this time.

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