Results of the student survey

(photo: Stephan Minx)

The results of the FAU student survey 2019 have been published and the feedback for the faculty is positive. A few numbers to start: Participation was at 17.9 percent, meaning 1,470 out of 8,218 students of the faculty gave their opinion. Participation thus has declined slightly, as it has for the FAU as a whole.

The majority of participants enjoy their studies at the faculty. Interest and joy are just as high as is the number of students that would choose the same study subject again. Accordingly, only few are considering changing their subject, studying at another university or dropping out. Students of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology in particular choose their course of study due to a sense of social responsibility rather than based on career aspirations.

Compared to other faculties, students of the Humanities and Social Sciences feel less burdened or cope better with stress. However, they are less satisfied with the conditions and infrastructure. Those studying to be teachers (Lehramtsstudierende) in particular see room for improvement.

Students appreciate camaraderie and fair grading

At the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology, the student-teacher relationship is perceived as particularly positive. Grading is considered to be fair. Atmosphere among students is seen as positive at this faculty and at FAU as a whole. Lecture quality equally is rated in the medium to high range.

Nice to know: only few first semester students experience difficulties starting their studies. And if they do, it is the study design and putting together a schedule which causes difficulties.

Well-prepared for career and job market

Students from third semester onwards feel especially confident in terms of subject knowledge, independence, academic writing and critical thinking. However, they rate transfer of study contents to practical experience as hard. Another challenge is integrating internships and going abroad into their studies. Out of the Bachelor students, sadly only 39 percent would like to remain at FAU to get a Masters degree. Offers for job entry, however, are well received. Students of the Humanities and Social Sciences use digital learning offers less frequently than students of other faculties, however they do approve of these programs and want to use them to expand on their digital competences.

Living diversity

Two thirds of international students of the faculty would like to have more contact to German students and around half feel well-integrated at FAU. Overall, international students of Humanities and Social Sciences experience fewer difficulties than international students at other faculties or departments. The biggest hurdle is finding accommodation in Erlangen.

Concerning educational background, he faculty is an exception at FAU, as around half of the students come from non-academic families. Compared to children whose parents went to university, they are often less content with their studies and often struggle more coping with the workload.

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Michalak, Dean of Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology, said that the results of the questionnaire will be discussed in departments and in the central Commission for Teaching and Studies. Which concrete changes need to be made in order for students to enjoy studying at the faculty will be mapped. She says that the results show where action needs to take place, and this is why it is important that students will participate in the next polls in summer semester.