DFG research grant for Dr. Peter Maurits

The German Research Foundation (DFG) grants Dr. Peter Maurits' research on African Science Fiction for three years (photo: private)

The DFG (German Research Foundation) will fund Dr. Peter Maurits’ position and his research for three years. Maurits is a research associate at the ‘Chair of American Studies: Culture and Literature’, his project is titled “A Typology of African Science Fiction (2006-2018).”

The number and popularity of science fiction publications on the African continent increased significantly from 2006 onwards. Starting as a predominantly independent and online cultural phenomenon, it soon attracted the interest of conventional and internationally operating publishing houses. Dr. Peter Maurits aims to provide insight into how African science fiction works resisted or adapted to the demands of this global cultural marketplace: what were the consequences for the genre’s self-representational and its alleged emancipatory potential, and what hybrid works emerged?

The grant now enables him to fully concentrate on his research. Congratulations!