Silke Steets awarded with the René König Textbook Prize 2020

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Available from Beltz Verlag

At the congress of the German Society for Sociology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie, DGS), Prof. Dr. Silke Steets received the René König Textbook Prize 2020 of the DGS for the volume “Theoretische Positionen der Stadtsoziologie” (Theoretical Positions in Urban Sociology), which she co-authored with Lars Meier and Lars Frers. The prize honours the best textbook and consists of 500 Euros. Congratulations!

From the publisher’s text: “The book introduces classical and contemporary theoretical positions in urban sociology. A clear structure, graphic and textual overviews, explanations of terms, learning control questions and selected bibliographical references make this introductory volume an ideal orientation for studies. The book is aimed at students without subject-specific previous knowledge and at all those who want to gain an insight into theoretical approaches to urban sociology and urban research in a broader sense”.

The book was published by Beltz Verlag.