Teaching in summer term 2021

Beginning to study at FAU
(photo: Stephan Minx)

Just like the previous, the upcoming summer term will be affected by the pandemic. The focus in the lecture period from 12 April to 16 July will be on online teaching. But the faculty and the individual programmes will be offering support to all students.

Students who are starting a master’s programme in the upcoming summer term can address their questions at the academic advisors of their degree programme. Find a list sorted by programmes here:

You can find information on how programmes are handling online teaching and which support structures you can refer to on the websites of the degree programmes and institutes.

All courses are listed in the course catalogue on UnivIS (information system of FAU), where you will find further details.

The E-Learning-coordinator is also offering courses which will help students navigate the digital semester. More about zoom basics, the “Let’s talk Phil-Studis” events and more can be found at:

If you have general questions about studying at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology, the Student Service Center is happy to answer questions regarding all Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.