Studium Philosophicum

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History or Linguistics – or maybe Philosophy? Those who are still indecisive after their A-levels can now take advantage of the Studium Philosophicum. The new module-based study option started in winter term 2021/22 and enables students to explore and decide while being officially enrolled.

The Studium Philosophicum is a kind of orientation programme that allows prospective students to get to know various subjects from the broad spectrum of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology. For two semesters, students in the programme can attend classes from almost any subject. Any exams taken can be credited for a subsequent Bachelor’s degree programme or teaching degree programme.

The curriculum features classes from all 2-subject Bachelor programmes without grade entry requirements at the faculty. Beginner students thus can gain insight into a diverse array of subjects, from Archaeology and History, Book Science and Linguistics to Philosophy or Theatre and Media Studies.

Hereby, students benefit from full student status in accordance with the Bavarian Hochschulgesetz, including entitlement to Kindergeld up until the age of 25. However, module programmes are not eligible for BaföG, meaning that students cannot take advantage of BaföG for the duration of the Studium Philosophicum. On the plus side, the subsequent transition into the programmes of choice does not count as a change of subject, which is only permitted once within the BaföG conditions.

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