New student event: “Let’s talk Phil-Studis”

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Use the chat on Thursday to become familiar with Zoom and meet new friends

Our winter term is digital and sooner or later you will have to hold a presentation or do group work on Zoom! So you better be prepared and Dr. Iris Wunder, the faculty’s e-learning coordinator, will help you in being so. Take part in the new event “Let’s talk Phil-Studis” on Thursday, 12 November from 16 to 17 o’clock.

According to the first session’s motto “let’s try out Zoom“ you can test all features the video conference technology offers, like break-out sessions or sharing your screen. Let’s make new friends and seize the chance to ask the expert about tips to study online successfully.

The Zoom meeting is supposed to take place every two weeks on Thursday and all participators will set the next topic together.

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And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact